Our Grooming Services

Grooming serves not only to make your dog look great but also contributes to your dog’s well-being. Regular nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning can make a huge difference to your dog's health. With our passionate and professional team, your fur kid is sure to be in good hands! Many fur parents have raved about our grooming services.

About Us

Home to a community of dog lovers, we source responsibly-bred puppies and provide grooming services headed by an award-winning, passionate grooming professional. Above all, we believe that a pet is for life and love your dogs like our own!

Pups of Inu Town

Whether you are an existing dog owner, have had a dog or are looking to become a new dog owner, we are ready to assist you with welcoming a new member to your family! While we have a wide array of dog breeds available, what is most important is whether you are ready to welcome your fur kid home.

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Tel: 87696118 or 94298352

Email: inu.town@gmail.com

Address: 215K Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574349