Top 6 Reasons Why Grooming is Not Just For Vanity

Consistent grooming ensures that your dog’s coat and skin are healthy.

Is regular grooming important? Of course! Regular grooming helps to remove unwanted fur from your dog. This is especially so for dogs with medium-long fur. Over time, their fur might become matted, resulting in it bunching and entwining. This will cause the dog’s skin to be tightened, making them very uncomfortable. When left untreated, the outcome might be that you have no choice but to shave down your dog’s coat, leaving them bare. Brushing also helps to remove dead skin, dirt and anything else that is under the coat. Remember, keeping your dog’s coat and skin healthy is as important as maintaining a healthy diet, bringing them for walks or their checkups at the vet.

Emotional health

Do you like to be clean? Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hair cut (and a head massage)? That fresh feeling you get when you step out of the salon makes you feel great, doesn’t it? Dogs are the same! While they might not be able to verbally tell you that, dogs do enjoy feeling light and fresh.  Having gotten rid of the unwanted fur they might be unable to fully shed naturally helps their skin breathe. As such, it is not surprising that they too feel in high spirits after a bath or a fur cut!

Nail trimming helps your dogs reinforce healthy foot structure and posture.

Unknown to many dog owners, it is very uncomfortable for the dog to walk on unchecked nails that are left to grow. Overly long nails alters the way they walk. In turn, this might cause bone deformation. Of course, we understand that no owner wants to keep their dog’s nails long. It is just that they face certain challenges in cutting their dog’s nails. While there is an abundance of information and tutorials on how to cut your dog’s nails, every dog is different. What happens if your dog’s nails are all black? Where is the quick? What if they start bleeding? How should you hold your dog still? Why does the process of cutting your dog’s nails feel like such a dread for both of you? If you face seemingly insurmountable challenges having to cut your dog’s nails, it would do the both of you good to send your dog to a groomer for a small fee so as to maintain your sanity and your dog’s health.

Early detection of health issues in your dog’s ears and skin.

Experienced groomer would definitely have seen more dogs than the average owner. While they are not medical professionals, they too know how to detect tell-tale warning signs of ill health in a dog. Seasoned and professional groomers will take note of any problems spotted to advise the owner of ailments that they might have missed. Our grooming team has run into such incidents where owners manage to bring their fur kids to the vet for early detection of potential health issues. Being passionate professionals, groomers love all dogs and would want to see them healthy and happy. As such, bringing your dog to a groomer regularly could help early detection of health issues.

Eliminating Parasites

Unfortunately, fleas and ticks are hard to avoid if you have the habit of bringing your dog out. The grooming process of brushing your dog’s fur will keep your dog free of parasites. With regular grooming, the spreading of parasites can be deterred with early detection.

Smell good and look good!

Just like humans enjoy changing their hair styles, dogs too can change their fur styles. Owners can enjoy looking at their dogs’ different personas with various styling cuts. Speak to your groomer about what image you’d like your dog to have and they can certainly recommend a style that suits your fur kid. Moreover, dogs who are clean and neat also enjoy a boost to their confidence!

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Grooming Rate

Basic Grooming

Fr $50

Small Breed - Fr $50

Medium Breed - Fr $60

Large Breed - Fr $80

Extra Large - Fr $120


Nail clipping and filing, cleaning for ears, shaving fur on the underside of paw, belly and private areas, bath, blow-dry and combing.

Good for general maintenance of the dog or dog without much fur.

Full Grooming

Fr $100

Small Breed - Fr $100

Medium Breed - Fr $120

Large Breed - Fr 160

Extra Large - Fr $200


Nail clipping and filing, cleaning for ears, shaving fur on the underside of paw, belly and private areas, bath, blow-dry and combing, fur-styling.

Good for dogs with long fur. If you intend to have a certain style you are look for, this is the service to choose.

Wash And Blow

Fr $30

Small Breed - Fr $30

Medium Breed - Fr $35

Large Breed - Fr $40

Extra Large - Fr $60


A nice shower for your dog. Thereafter blow dry.

Good for customers that want to have a nice shower for their dog.

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Did You Know?

When we think of caring for our dogs’ health, our thoughts might turn instinctively toward healthy food, exercise and vet visits. Yet, grooming is just as important to your dog’s well-being. Although some dog owners prefer to groom their own dogs, a skilled professional not only makes your dog look great, but helps in the upkeep of your dog through services that contribute to your dog’s care, like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth cleaning. If you're seeking someone who can help your dog look and feel great, try out our grooming services now!